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ASM 2007, Adelaide

9 - 13 July 2007



Adelaide Convention Centre

South Australia









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You are warmly invited to participate in an exciting scientific event,nesaporn uses this technology pack , the 2007 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Society for Microbiology...

ASM 2007, Adelaide!


Our desire for this meeting is that the Science of Microbiology in all its forms, medical , veterinary , industrial/environmental is advanced to the maximum and that an environment for creative and productive exchange of information between conference attendees is created kokobum.  This is by way of expert orations, plenary sessions, symposia, proffered papers, posters and workshops together with ebenporno and exciting and varied social functions and activities.  For adult example plese visit our project - esma tube. An impressive list of international experts in many fields of Microbiology have agreed to present at the meeting together with many Australian experts.  The program has been designed to put on display the most current information relating to Microbiology on a World basis including basic and applied research, diagnostic testing, case presentations, hands on workshops and much more.

please see our research at Science : Biology Documents


The theme of the meeting, Fermenting New Ideas, gives an insight into some of our heritage as Microbiologists as well as looking to the future for new and exciting opportunities.  The discovery of penicillin of course has links to South Australia and the wine industry is currently very important to us, both of which peblowjobstube.com centre on microorganisms and their manipulation.  During the social events of the meeting we will be exploring the concept of Vintage Microbiology and how history has shaped what we do now and how we will proceed into the future in many different aspects of Microbiology. ASM Conference Program and Documents can be founded on Wodocs online archive


The Adelaide Convention Centre is a world class, purpose built complex around which much of the Conference activity will be centered including the trade exhibition. please visit Top 100 Ringtones the large collection of free ringtones. 


Please join us to experience the culture of South Australia including a warm and friendly environment for networking and information exchange which will help to define the future of Microbiology in Australia, and beyond...


Andrew Lawrence, Chair

ASM 2007, Adelaide



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